FAQ about Forex Affiliate Marketing

Many potential Forex affiliates wonder if such a program is lucrative for them or not. To answer such questions, one may consider the following FAQs relating to the Forex affiliate marketing industry.

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

Yes and no. Yes, because the efforts for finding an active trader are rewarded handsomely by the broker. No, because the best Forex affiliates put considerable effort in finding such traders (e.g., running a financial blog, having previously built an email marketing database, and so on).

Like in life, the more you work and get involved in the work you do, the better the results. So is valid in the Forex affiliate world as well – the more effort put in the project, the more the affiliate stands to gain.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Forex Affiliate Marketer?

The most cited reason is income diversification. No matter what you do as an authority in the field, a Forex affiliate marketing program lets one diversify their income stream. Or, adding a new income stream to the regular one.

Another incentive is the fact that the affiliate remains in close contact to the broker’s offering and the trading world in general. By helping other traders succeed, the moral compensation also pays off, besides the more lucrative financial one.

Why Do Some People Not Like Affiliate Marketing?

The main reason is that affiliates will receive commissions from the brokerage house only in the case of an active trader. In other words, if the trader opens a trading account but does not trade regularly, the affiliate will see little or no rise in income.

To compensate for an inactive trader, the affiliate has at least two options at hand. One is to focus on growth so that it introduces more customers to the broker.

Another one is to focus on educating its potential customers by offering them access to various trading educational materials. In other words, by investing in the business, the affiliate stands more chances to earn from the affiliate marketing program as traders will be more active as a result.

Are There Any Financial Risks Associated with Forex Affiliate Marketing?

No. The only risk is not being able to capitalize on the introduced traders. Naturally, the wannabe affiliate had already invested in a website, blog, or something else related to trading education. But that has nothing to do with the investment in Forex affiliate marketing.

The best way to think of it is to plan for a gradual increase in the affiliate efforts. Focus first on achieving a small target, say ten or twenty introduced active traders. Next, gradually invest part of the incomes generated by the introduced traders.


Running a successful Forex affiliate marketing business is no easy task for the unprepared affiliate wannabe. However, by having a plan and implement it properly, the right program may get you far away.

Think of the fact that the brokerage house wants the Forex affiliate to succeed. As already mentioned, this is a win-win situation for the broker and the Forex affiliate.

Why would the broker want to be part of such a program? The answer is easy – this is just another way to expand the business by allowing third parties to promote the broker’s offering. In other words, the more the broker increases in online visibility, the better for its business, and the more the Forex affiliate gains as well.

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